Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mel and James Hit NYC with a Vengeance!

Okay- I am going to try and give our trip justice with as much dialog as pictures. James and I had a great time and braved the big city, we took the subway, a taxi, but most of all hoofed it everywhere! Whew- it's always good to come home after 7 days on the road. You are about to read a hilarious account of our vacation: Day 1- Arrive at Newark Airport upon getting the luggage an elderly man gets hit by a suit case from the luggage carousel and falls to the ground- everyone just stared at him and did not help him- except James. Upon helping him up the man tells James, "That suitcase hit me in the testicles". When James told me that I said, "Where is that guy from?" Who says that to a complete stranger??? Once we collect our 2 LARGE suitcases we wander to the New Jersey Transit area to take the train to New York's Penn station. Once there, we struggle to get through it and onto a train to Grand Central station. Thanks to a sweet Asian gal who points us in the right direction. Finally to the train station, MAN THIS PLACE IS BUSY AND CROWDED!!! We schlep our bags a block to the Hyatt! Whew we finally made it! We get dressed and settled for our first night on the town- Dinner at AJ Maxwells and then walking (A LOT) to Times square. See pics.

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