Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rosie and James in the Pool!

Rosie loves the water. She hasn't been keen on getting in the pool but we are teaching her how to get in and out. If she were smart she would get in the pool everyday since the average temp has been 107 degrees. She is so cute!

Akin family visits from Kauai!

Last Thursday, 7/24 Norm, Marissa, Granaran, Michelle, Callin and Matt were over for dinner. It was the first time the babies have seen each other since they've been able to play! We can't believe how big Jace is! We hadn't seen him since January or February and he has changed so much. He is walking arlready! Callin and Jace played and tried to figure each other out. It's only a matter of time till Callin is walking. Callin will be 1 year old next month, 8/8/08 and Jace will be 1 year old 9/5/08. Time just flies by- seems like just yesterday they were born!

Mel and Aranna go to Chase Field to see the D-backs

July 20th- It was a day game- D-backs V. Dodgers. Very fun and exciting game. From birth, I have been a Dodgers fan but living in AZ most of

my life, I can't help but love the D-backs too. We had amazing seats (4th row from home plate) it doesn't get much better. Webb pitched 8 innings and the D-backs were up- then the relief pitcher came in and blew it. Dodgers fans loved it and were frankly obnoxious- sad loss for the D-backs but still a fun day!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In Loving Memory of Husker Malone

As many know, I am a dog lover. My dogs are my children. Husker had her faults but she was so loving and generally a great dog (unless you are a dog then she was pretty scary). We came home from work today and found Husker had passed. Our entire family is mourning the loss of a good friend and protector. If I was at home alone, I was very secure with her by my side. The kids referred to her as "Dad's Girlfriend" because before me, he did everything with Husker. As she got older, her hind legs and hips started to give out. She also started having intermittent siezures. We knew the end was near and we were dreading having to put her down. Last night I brushed her with this special mitt for short haired dogs and she was in heaven. She was inside and since her back legs haven't been working well, she would stay downstairs mostly. But last night we were watching the news in bed and low and behold Husker walks into our room. She slept on the floor in our room last night. She made it downstairs by herself and pranced around the yard this morning doing her morning ritual of peeing and sniffing, etc. I know that even though her and Rosie didn't always get along, Rosie will miss her big sister too. Losing loved ones, be they human or canine makes life hard. But not having them in your life at all, would make life hard to live. So with the loss of our Husker we celebrate the 13+ years of love, loyalty, protection, friendship and companionship. It's also important to remember that we could avoid the sadness and loss but then that would mean not having all of the blessings of that relationship. As we say goodbye to our beloved old girl Husker, remember that life is precious and cherish the time you have now with your family, dogs, friends, etc.

Monday, July 7, 2008

1 Year After 7-7-07

I cannot believe it's been 1 year since we got married! Whew- it feels like yesterday. I know that if we didn't have to work yesterday- we would have tried to go out of town for a quick getaway. We will just have to do it next month or something! Check out some pics from our wedding.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Rosie and Husker are trying to stay cool outside. Rosie dug them

a little hole and they both are just sleeping out in the yard- we can't have them both inside at the same time. Husker we try to keep inside as much as possible but she needed some outside time.

Fireworks after the GAME!~

This was the best fireworks show I may have ever seen! We were sooo close and here's some pics! James worked at the hotel in the morning- then worked for the City of Glendale's event. I only got to see him afterward!

Happy 4th of July

Only 109 degrees at 3:58 PM! Very much sweaty and sticky around here.... Matt's back in town! I am so happy to have him back he joined Me and Rossana for the big game!
D-backs lost 5-1 but the fireworks afterward
I bought these temporary tatoos and we all got tatt'ed before the game

4th of July is one of my most favorite Holidays! The day was spent first at the rental house with Matt and I cleaning and prepping- then we cleaned ourselves up and headed downtown for the game!

Happy 4th of July

Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday.
We went to a local thing at the stadium, good music, ate tons of food and watched great fireworks. Good times.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

American Idol Live tour- Opening Show 7/1/08- Glendale AZ!

Okay- I know what you are thinking,

"what a dork you went to the American Idol Concert". It's okay though because my friend Shannon and I had a grea time. They all sang 3 songs, one at a time in the order they were eliminated- here's the cliff notes:

1. Chikezie- okay

2. Remielle- blah

3. Michael Johns- ROCKED!!! He was so awesome- he came out with 'We will Rock You' then did We are the Champions and ended with Dream ON! AMAZING!!

4. Kristy Lee- Okay

5. Carly- AWESOME!!! Loved Crazy on you

6. Brooke- AWESOME- started with 'Let it Be', ended with 'Yellow' (which is mine and James' song)

7. Jason Castro- okay- he did the 'Somewhere over the rainbow'

8. Syesha- annoying

9. David Archuleta- was sooo cute! LOVE HIM!

10. David Cook- was amazing! Rocked with 5 or 6 songs!

Then the finale song was so cheesy- they all came out and sang and danced to 'Please don't stop the music'

I am glad I went- I was hooked on the show- I know Shannon was too and for the record- we were NOT the oldest ones there!