Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Ana, Carol, Georgie, Amy and Mel

Ana, Carol, Georgie, Amy, Grace and Mel

She made out like a bandit!

Vina planned the games and the first one was to guess how big the mama is!

Grace holding Sebastian

Corrina, Julie, Judy and Linda


Lauren and Renee

Georgie having fun being bartender

180 pictures taken just like this with EVERY gift!  She was so happy!

Lots of cute girly stuff

What a beautiful Cake to celebrate baby Yeoman!

Trinity (the life of the party) and Mama!

Lauren holding baby Sebastian

About to cut the cake

Vina and Georgie

Mel and Georgie

Georgie and her Mom-in-Law, Linda

Georgie, Family and Ninis

Georgie, loving the photo booth!

Brit, Georgie, Ruth and Ninis

Georgie and Catering!

Georgie and friends!  Almost all of us!
On Saturday, we had a baby shower for Georgie!  She will be welcoming in her first baby next month.  We shared the fun and each of us had a hand in making this happen!  Lots of food, fun, friends and drinks!  The photo booth was a huge hit!  I may have to do that again for another party!  There were 180 pictures taken (THANKS BRIT)!  We are so excited for Georgie to start this next adventure! 

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