Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fire Dancing

Phil has been studying fire dancing and learning alot of the fire dance moves. He is now getting Marissa into doing it as well. It is so fun to watch and the sound of the whirling fire is awesome.

Monday, April 27, 2009

80s Bowling NIght with Co-workers

James and Mollie accompanied me to the bowling alley on Saturday night. I took my staff bowling and it was thier idea to dress 80's. Note James, Mollie and I didn't dress up. I tried to find 80's stuff but Target's selection was not great. I didn't feel like running around just for an 80's outfit. A fun time was had by all! The costume winners were Jonathan and Amy above

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday James!

Our Costco Lunch

Callin trying on Matt's boots above, April and Richard Below

Matt brought a watermelon and a mango

Corky and Aranna enjoyed Lunch too!

Uncle Jimmy and Ava

James enjoyed his birthday weekend even though our plans to go to San Diego fell through. Hopefully I can get the video to upload of the singing of Happy Birthday and the blowing out of candles. I have to admit it's not quite as funny as last year's with Jimmy riding a fake bull with a saddle at Texas Roadhouse. Jimmy had to work yesterday on his big day but got to leave a little early. I took him to work and picked him up. After work I took him to the county fair. We were there for about 2.5 hours and it was pretty lame. We did get to see all the animals and kids riding thier dirt bikes so it wasn't all bad. We came home and Jimmy opened his presents. He got a brand new lithium ion drill, a new screw driver set and a book that has a zillion AZ day trips. Last minute we decided to have the family over for lunch to celebrate Jimmy's B-day.

We spent a relaxing night at home last night. Then, woke up bright and early today and went on a bike ride. We worked around the house then went to Costco to pick up lunch for today. THANK YOU COSTCO. I love that place. It really is true that you can't leave without spending at least $100-. We didn't want to cook so we picked up some pre-made sandwiches and salads, made some sun tea and strawberry lemonade and we were set! Jimmy wanted carrot cake and Costco only had a full sheet cake- which would have been about 4 times as much cake as we needed. So I went to Fry's and found the BEST regular sized carrot cake and it was awesome! The whole family that live in AZ was here! Norm, Florence and family, we missed you guys!

Mel holding baby Ava, April and Michelle and Calling and Ocean watching Noggin way to close to the TV

Monday, April 13, 2009

Jace's First Haircut

Jace went for his first haircut last week while I was in Arizona. He looks wonderful but I really do miss those long blonde curls.
Marissa said he was a trooper and took the whole process in stride.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter from Chase Field!

James and I scored some AWESOME ticks for today's game. We sat 4 rows from Home Plate! My favorite team- DODGERS were playing the D-backs. Corky and Aranna joined us for an Easter Sunday Baseball game. The weather was perfect and actually a little chilly inside since the sun wasn't on us. We had a great time and the Dodgers Won 3-1!

James' expedition to Flagstaff

James went to Flagstaff last Monday to see Mark and take him a bicycle. He decided to go on a few hikes while he was waiting for Mark to get out of class. Here's some pics from his day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Okay, I'm on here now... so, what the heck is Michelle's page?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Florence is back from Kauai for a visit!

We met out at Aranna's for lunch with the family. It was so nice to see Florence. Callin liked Aunt Florence too- she was feeding him! Everyone was there- Uncle Corky, Michelle, Chris, Callin, baby Ava, April, Richard, Sam, Mollie, Jimmy, Mel, Florence. It was such a beautiful day! Enjoy a video of James enjoying one of Callin's toys!

Mark and Kylie

Mark is up in Flagstaff. The family wanted to see a picture of Kylie, his new Girlfriend. Mark- you have posting permission- post more pics will ya!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


We have had a busy couple of weeks. Last weekend James and Uncle Corky tried to do some plumbing but had some road blocks! Here's some pics. We have some holes in various places in our house so that we could access the pipes. The work is still in process. We also had a couple of visits from Michelle and the babies. Callin so so cute. He is talking and running around and he likes to pose for the camera.