Friday, July 22, 2011

Dodgers Vs. D-backs

My wonderful husband bought tickets for us to go see my favorite team play his favorite team.  We always have fun with the rivalry and last May when we went, we were actually on TV.  The Dodgers won the game so it was a good one.  It was the first game right after the all star game so the stadium and city were still decked out!  A fun time was had by all!

Farewell Sam!

We were happy to be able to spend some time with Sam in late June/ early July.  It is always sad to see this guy leave.  Jimmy, me and his girlfriend Danielle all packed in the car to drive to the airport.  We love and miss you Sam!  Get home safe and sound!

All-Star Game Central

Seems like forever ago since I was need deep in MLB!  It was only 10 days ago.  It was pretty cool to have the MLB All-Star game downtown.  We got tickets to fanfest and got to check that out.  We've been blessed to be busy at work.  The hotel was decked out. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Garden gone Rogue

Since it's been about 150 degrees outside for more than 3 weeks straight, James has given up on the garden.  After work today, we went swimming and I noticed one of these monster zucchinis peeking out from the side of the garden.  The tomatos also exploded.  What is pictured here is just a portion of what I picked today.  I also cut down the yellow pear heirloom tomato plan as well.  I am hoping that it will bounce back.  These Zucchini are by far the largest we have picked so far.  By neglecting the garden, this is what we get!  Funny that last night when I was at the grocery store I BOUGHT TOMATOS!  Guess I should have consulted the garden first. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Sweet Life

Jimmy told me last week that for 4th of July he wanted me to make pulled pork sandwiches (the same ones from Matt's birthday with the jalopeno slaw) and carrot cake.  Heck!  I love to cook and I was happy to make this happen.  It is 150 degrees outside so I wasn't thrilled about turning on my oven but it ws worth it.  Here's some pics of the carrot cake prep and click here if you want to see pics and info about the pulled pork sandwiches. 
On another note, today is our 4th wedding anniversary.  Yep, 4 years of wedded bliss!  Want to see highlights of the historic day?  Click here 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rosie found something that bit back

We woke up on Friday morning and Rosie's face had puffed up from some sort of bug bite.  We don't know what exactly got her but her little face was swollen hard.  We got her some doggy allergy pills at walmart that we have used before for Phoenix.  James also put a warm washcloth on her face, which she loved.  It didn't seem that she was in pain because she still her spunky self.  By bedtime her face was completely back to normal.  When we got home from camping, the dogs were beyond exhausted.  They laid down in the office on their beds and didn't move for 8 hours!  James and I did the same, except we were on the couch!

Happy Campers?

Jimmy and I headed up to Lynx lake in Prescott on 6/30.  We arrived early to get a camping spot.  Thank goodness we did this because this is a first come, first served campground.  We got an awesome spot with lots of shade and we set up the tent, the shower shelter that we borrowed from a friend from work.  We spent 2 nights there.  We would have stayed longer if it was cooler and if we could have used the camp fire bowl provided.  We brought the dogs and they did pretty good but Rosie got bit by something and her face swole up (next post).  We had a portable toilet that we were able to use inside the shower room and we were also able to take showers even though there were no facilities since we had a couple of camp shower solar bladders.  We ate well, making meals using my parent's old coleman camp stove.  The first night we had burgers, pasta salad and 2 bottles of wine.  The next day, I made breakfast  burritos and for dinner we had NY steaks with mashed potatoes, baked beans and green beans and more wine. 

The first night I woke up around midnight to noise of someone or something rifling through stuff at our campsite.  I woke Jimmy up so he could see what it was and get it to stop.  We were being overcome by SKUNKS going nuts in the trash bag.  We learned that before bed, we should move the trash to higher ground and slept much better the 2nd night. 

We are looking forward to doing a lot more camping.  We love the shower shelter and if you're like me that is a must!  A 5 gallon shower bag was enough for both Jimmy and I to take a shower with.  We have a few things on our wish list to complete our camp surplus. 

Happy Birthday Mollie

June's Birthdays continue!  Mollie's Birthday brought the 5 of us together for an impromptu, quick weeknight dinner.  Mollie wanted to go to Olive Garden and this may be the only picture of the 5 of us together since Christmas.  Mollie asked if I would make her salsa for her birthday.  I was so honored that she liked the salsa that I made so much that she wanted more.  Sooooo- I made salsa for her.  No pics of that but I did use a jalopeno from our garden and whew- it was SPICEY!