Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rosie found something that bit back

We woke up on Friday morning and Rosie's face had puffed up from some sort of bug bite.  We don't know what exactly got her but her little face was swollen hard.  We got her some doggy allergy pills at walmart that we have used before for Phoenix.  James also put a warm washcloth on her face, which she loved.  It didn't seem that she was in pain because she still her spunky self.  By bedtime her face was completely back to normal.  When we got home from camping, the dogs were beyond exhausted.  They laid down in the office on their beds and didn't move for 8 hours!  James and I did the same, except we were on the couch!

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Chevy said...

Awe Poor pup! I bet you guys were worried. I know I would be if my dog came to me and his face was all puffy. I have a little pit bull that is the sweetest thing. I talk about him most of the time on my blog. I love pits.