Sunday, June 22, 2008

Crosby, Stills and Nash

James and I were exhausted after work on Saturday but we mustered up some energy to go to the Crosby, Stills and Nash Concert- it was well worth it!

Happy Birthday trip to Disneyland Mollie

This was clearly a typo for the premium...

And we are off again! Last Tuesday, James and I packed up Mollie, Tara and I and drove to Cali. Mollie went to Disneyland and California Adventure and James and I hung out with Tam and Pierre. Sebastian is 19 months old and has such a great temperament. We went to the beach and on Tam and Pierre's Boat! Sooooo fun!

James and Mel come home to the damage...

As noted previously, Mark got into a fender bender while James and I were on vacation. Multiple lessons have been learned during this process. Won't go through all of them now but here are a few:

1. If you have a bad feeling about something don't do it.

2. If you don't have insurance- get it (THANK GOD we had insurance)
3 If it doesn't look THAT bad- wait till you get the estimate (ouch)
5. If you have a teenage son that wants to borrow a vehicle- DON'T DO IT!!!
In all fairness to Mark, he is a good driver but when you are not familiar with a freeway during RUSH HOUR- take a side street especially in Phoenix!

Do you want to place a wager on how much the insurance estimate came back for? Leave your wager in the comments and in about a week or so I will give bragging rights to the person with the closest guess.....

Jules shows me her pad!

Jules has such a cute little place and is in such a great neighborhood. Thanks for showing us around and ditching school to hang with us.


James and I had some local beer at Harvest Moon Brewery!

Stuff Yer Face!~ Jules took us to a college eatery and it was sooooo good. The name fits that place- we did stuff our faces!

James and I LOVED New Brunswick! We felt like we should have stayed longer in NB than in Philly- it's a great College town (Rutgers) with a cool vibe. It helped a lot that my friend Julie was there to show us around! We went to the college bookstore and got some cool Rutgers stuff!

Philly Continues!

Snockey's Oyster house and Crab Shack! The Becuna- one of the original submarines of the US fleet- VERY OLD!
Elfreth's alley- for over 300 years people have been continuously living on this street- for more info visit:

We saw this and thought we couldn't walk by without a pic- This is for you Norm!

Okay- So I am sure you may have thought that I had put up all the pics right? WRONG! I blogged for about an hour and got up as much as I could- then took a break- WORKED then took Mollie and Tara to Disneyland- we've been busy! Here are some more highlights of our trip~

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 2 in Philly- the heat puts us over the edge but we did see the LIBERTY BELL!

The Rodin Museum: The Thinker

The Philadelphia Museum of art- Rocky's steps
Liberty Bell

Many people 'dressed' in character and acted like Ben Franklin Philly's Love Park!

Fall out shelter

Day 1 in Philly continued- the Delaware river dinner cruise

I am a master at setting the timer on the camera so that I can get a shot of James and I together. The first pic here- I did just that only I had some arm twisting to do to get James to cooperate... The cruise was interesting- we didn't know there would be live entertainment on board. It consisted of 2 guys and 2 girls karoaking and dancing to it as well. It was entertaining but we spent most of our time on the upper deck enjoying the view, not t

he entertainment during the cruise.

James and Mel hit Philly and the Heat and Humidity followed...

James and I scarfing down our first authentic philly cheesesteak at Campos!

The Betsy Ross house was neat

Okay- Philly is great but the day after we got from our trip, I heard on the radio that Philly is the #3 city in America where you are most likely to get shot and I find that is very true. We had a great time in Philly but the humidity KILLED us- I will explain more. We prefer the dry heat- when it's 100 degrees it's not too bad because there is only like 9% humidity. When we were in Philly it was 100 degrees with 90% humidity and it was nasty! We tried to make the most of it and did see some pretty cool things

The Infamous Manilla Envelope

For anyone who may not know- I plan the flights and get the room reservations and James is tasked with planning the activities, tours, meals, etc. This is how it was for our honeymoon and it works out pretty good. So back in March when I got our plan tickets James started planning our trip- He got the Yankee's tickets, the play tickets, the train tickets to get to Philly- he researched restaurants and got our reservation- he did such an awesome job and really just plans everything and here's the manilla envelope that housed all of the 'details', tickets and confirmations. I wanted to Thank my wonderful husband for being such a planner, even if I can't sleep in or take a breather- I LOVE YOU for your sweet planning skills and much more!

The 39 steps!

After the game we rushed back to the hotel to get ready for our first Broadway play- An Alfred Hitchcock, called, "The 39 steps" It was great- afterwards we walked around Rockefellar center and had a late Italian dinner and hoofed it back to the hotel. The next day we get on the train to Philly!

Day 3- Yankees game!

James and I hit the subway to get to Yankee's stadium- an easy ride BUT VERY CROWDED- there were lots of Yankee's fans riding to the same place that day! This is the last season in the old stadium- the new one is being built right across the street. The game was unreal- the 9th inning, the Yankees are down by 2- A-Rod hits a home run and it's now 8-9 Blue Jays- it's 2 outs, 1 man on base and Giambi comes to the plate has 2 strikes on him and hits a 2 run, walk off homer to win the game for the Yankees- the crowd went wild! It's like no game I had ever been to before! Check out video here of that moment!