Saturday, June 14, 2008

Madame Tuseaud's Wax Museum!

Mel with Oprah
Evidently this is James' John Wayne pose...
Where's Ginger Spice? That's what Mollie said when she saw the pic
The Rock~!
The Hulk's gonna get ya!
Benny Hill!
Gotta Love DEPP!
Yes, right before the Campaign ended!
They call him "Super Jimmy"

I have always been curious to see Madame Tuseaud's and James and I strolled through the museum after dinner our first night. It's so crazy how the statue's look real- catch the pics

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Sara said...

Hmm...there's a Madame Tuseaud's in Vegas! In fact, Ken and I went there...where were you two?!?! ;-)