Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mark moves in to Taylor Hall!!!

View from Mark's window (the communication building)


We left Phoenix this morning at 7AM. James wanted to leave at 6am but Mark and I talked him into leaving an hour later. Mark had packed some boxes and brought his new bike along with his guitars. It was very exciting. I still can't believe that I graduated over 8 years ago- where does the time go. It seems like yesterday- but there are a TON of new buildings on campus- it's crazy. Here are some pics of move in day.

While Mark took a bike ride James and I rested in his dorm room- I actually fell asleep. The fresh air and cool breeze were perfect for a nap! Mark is on the 2nd floor and is totally hooked up- he actually got a single room! He is right next to the bathroom. We took a trip to Target to get some last minute essentials too. We got to meet up with cousin Alex for a bit before we trekked back to Phoenix. The weather was so beautiful. When we left Flagstaff at 5pm- it was 75 degrees- When we got back to Phoenix at 7pm it was 104 degrees.

I remember being in college and loving to hear from home so here is Mark's contact info- send him notes, care packages, anything- I know he will love it:

PO BOX 14319
Flagstaff, AZ 86011

Phone # in dorm room: 928-523-5808

NAU e-mail address:

Rosie Girl

Okay, I know I may be a dork for my dog posts but we really do adore our little Rosie girl. Here's some pics of her. She loves to play with squeeky toys. She has a a flying monkey toy that makes crazy noises as well.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Old Picture Vault

A while back I was cleaning out my mom's old picture box and found some pretty cool old photos. I decided to scan them and I reprinted them on my handy HP 3 in 1 machine. The first picture is of Carl Green, My mom's dad. He passed away in 2005 of Pancreatic Cancer. This picture is of Marjorie Jean Robbins (Harwood), My Mom's Mom. She is still alive and kicking, living in Tulsa, OK. I miss her and wish I could see her soon.
This pic is of course of Carl and Marjorie.
Last but not least is of My mom and her two older sisters. Cheryl is on the left, Maryellen is on the right and my Mom is in the middle. Cheryl passed away in 2006 of Lymphoma and Maryellen passed in 2007 from breast cancer. I miss all 3 of them.