Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Old Picture Vault

A while back I was cleaning out my mom's old picture box and found some pretty cool old photos. I decided to scan them and I reprinted them on my handy HP 3 in 1 machine. The first picture is of Carl Green, My mom's dad. He passed away in 2005 of Pancreatic Cancer. This picture is of Marjorie Jean Robbins (Harwood), My Mom's Mom. She is still alive and kicking, living in Tulsa, OK. I miss her and wish I could see her soon.
This pic is of course of Carl and Marjorie.
Last but not least is of My mom and her two older sisters. Cheryl is on the left, Maryellen is on the right and my Mom is in the middle. Cheryl passed away in 2006 of Lymphoma and Maryellen passed in 2007 from breast cancer. I miss all 3 of them.


Joey and Megan said...

I love the pictures. I really think that you look like your grandma!

Shannon said...

Great pictures, your gram was a knockout and your mom/aunts were cute as buttons!

Baby Sebastian said...

Great photos... Wow, you are as beautiful as your grandmother!