Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas day 2013

Michelle and Ava cuddling with Asher

Asher and Jimmy with some interesting activity

Mark and Tamara with Ava and Asher

Mark Granaran and Sam

Sam and Jimmy

Baby Asher
Christmas 2013 has not been a 'normal' Christmas for our family.  Change is good but sometimes when things don't feel like 'Christmas', it's hard to get into the spirit.  It's been a challenging couple of weeks for us and there have been some great ups and some low downs.  We have decided to count our blessings and feel happy with the time we have spent together with family

Christmas Boutique, 12/8

Every year we host a 'boutique' or a pre-Christmas gathering at our home for friends to gather and socialize and spread some cheer!  Here's some pics from before everyone got in.  We have a smaller place this year and we were worried it would be packed and it was but no complaints.  We were blessed to have great family and friends over to warm our home.