Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No more dog room

When we moved, we gave up the downstairs office, which was the dog room.  We have had to create a space for the dogs.  Since the new yard does not have grass yet, and there has been some rain, we have had MUD!  I locked the dogs outside yesterday, placed their dog beds, gave a pan of water in hopes to have some time to clean the mud and dirt from the guest bathroom (where the doggie door is).  Rosie decided the water was something for her to play with!  So we have been creative with where we have the dogs hang out.  When we are home, they have free reign with the exception of our bedroom and the office.  As soon as it gets cool enough, they will be spending most of their time OUTSIDE!


Here's some more progress pics.  Functionality has been restored and we are able to use our new kitchen.  Still need doors on the cupboards and hardware but it's nice to cook meals at home finally!  Loving the new microwave and stove!


Here's some pics of the progress.  Still have a lot of painting to do and these are pics that I had taken along the journey.  The last pic is the colors I am using.  The darker grey and the blueish green are what is being used.  Still need a pendant cover as I have returned what is pictured. 

This guy

This is Carlos.  He has been such a huge help with the remodel and the move and so many other things.  He really is like family.  No matter what it is, he is always there for us.  I am sure it has something to do with how much we have helped him over the years but as the saying goes, "friends are the family you give yourself"!

Out with the OLD!

Jimmy and I have had a busy month.  On 7/26, we were asked, "How soon can you be out?".  That lead us to cancel our vacation and stay in town to remodel our rental home so that we could move in faster than we anticipated.  Here are the BEFORE PICS.  I don't have the greatest after pics since it's not truly done, I guess they are in progress pics in the post that follows.  As you can see, we had our work cut out for us.  Still have painting to do but it's much improved!  So far, we have done lighting, painting, new appliances, new countertops/sink.  We still have more painting, replacing the doors, new hardware for the cabinets.