Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chicago Bound

I am leaving today for Chicago. I will be attending training for the job. The weather dips drastically today (the day I get there). I am going to try and take some pics while there and it would be super cool if I can go to a cubs game or something but I doubt I will have time. I tried to get James to get a flight and meet me there on Friday after training but he is a homebody and wanted to stay in AZ. He decided to work the PM shift so he wouldn't be home alone at night (that's what I say).

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Passion Realized

Well, I have always known that I liked to read but I was either too lazy to go to the library or too busy! The Glendale main library is very close to our house. I went there before our Monterrey trip and got myself a library card. I have placed 'reservations' for books that are popular. I started reading the Twilight books over that vacation and I am hooked. I picked up the 3rd book the other day and started reading it yesterday. So far this month I have read 3 books and by the end of the month- I should be up to 5 books. James and I are listening to an audio book on the way to work called, "Love as a Way of Life" by Dr. Gary Chapman- the author of the greatest book ever, "The Five Love Languages". Which, if you haven't read it and are in a relationship, I highly recommend it- you can apply it to ALL relationships.

So, I go to the Library now at least once a week and it's great. They even have movies and CDs you can check out! All of this reading has inspired me to possibly start WRITING. Yes, you heard right. Recently, I have written a few letters to airlines on behalf of family members and the airlines have responded favorably- giving compensation where compensation is due. I also write this blog. So now, James calls me 'Ghost Writer'. I decided to start working on an 'article' that the newspaper will hopefully publish. I will give more details when it happens. Then on the way home from work last week, James had a great idea for me to write a book. He's hoping that I write a book, it gets published, we hit the jackpot and he no longer has to work. Smart huh? Well, that would be freakin' awesome but I have a lot of work to do here... We even have an 'alias' for the article that we may even use for the book. Hey- dream big and you may realize those dreams. I know what the book will be about but it's still in the early stages so I will keep you guessing.


Rosie took a break from reading the TV GUIDE featuring HEROES to chew her bone...

Season 3 of Heroes started yesterday. James and I watched the 1 hour pre-heroes party and then the 2 hours premier. It was awesome. As many of you know, I have TIVO- James got it for me for my b-day 2 years ago. I joke saying that, "My life started when I got TIVO." It's not far from the truth. It's nice being able to log into my TIVO from ANY computer and set it to record shows. I have season passes and NEVER miss my favorites. I even have my 60 minutes debut from Superbowl TIVO'd. Yep - I can watch myself over and over checking in Andy Rooney- I almost have to because if I happen to blink I will miss it! Ha. Well check out the website if you are interested in our latest obsession: http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rosie's Boyfriend

Both Phoenix and Rosie LOVE James- He is a good Daddy to both kids and dogs alike...

Phoenix and Rosie

Here is Phoenix! The newest member of the family. He is a big boy. Slobbers a lot but we love him. Rosie adores him, actually they pretty much entertain each other. Our new thing is to walk them at least 4 times a week. They LOVE it. I have been learning a lot from the Dog Whisperer, I tivo it and I even read his book. The extreme close up picture of Rosie is indicative of her hamming it up. Whenever I get the camera, she gets really close and tries to lick the lense. I know we are dorks but we love our babies.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

September Update

You might notice the new blog feature (thank you Charlotte, I did copy you) that shows the blogs to the left of the screen and when your blog is the most recent one updated- you get to be on the top of the list. So, my friends let this be an incentive to update your blogs more often...

News for us- my rental now has new tenants! That's a blessing. We were really starting to worry. James is working today for the City of Glendale Police and I am here at the Hyatt plugging away. We have both been busy and trying to enjoy our days off (this week we don't have a day off together). Rosie, our dog has a new playmate. We aqcuired a new dog from our friend Renee. His name is Phoenix and he is a boxer just like Rosie. It so happens that he is the father of the puppies that Rosie had last December. So basicly, we feel that Rosie and Phoenix are meant for each other. Rosie seems to have more of a spring in her step now that she has been reunited with her boyfriend. Phoenix has been given some nicknames by the family (mostly James) and they are: One eyed Jack, Brutus, Rufus, Fat boy, big boy- I think that's all. I will post some pictures of them together soon.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jace had his 1st birthday party yesterday and it was so much fun.
We had friends we have met here on the island and our wonderful
neighbors over for good food and good times. Jace loved his cake and
had a blast eating it. Grandpa got him an ATV that goes 2 mph and he
is riding that all over the yard.
Wish you all could have been here with us.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Jace!

Jace turned 1 yesterday! Can you believe the little guy in these pics is already walking! We got to see him in July and he is so cute! I just loved this cuddling this little cuddle bug!!! Happy birthday little man!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Last day in Monterey- The 17 Mile Drive

We went exploring our last day- Drove the 17 mile drive- went to Pebble Beach Golf Links- Spyglass. It was very beautiful. Laid on the beach in Carmel. Even went to the Hyatt Vacation Club at Highlands Inn and had lunch. There were tons of Sea Lions, Sea Otters and Kelp! What a great day.

Day 2 in Monterey- the Wine Trolley

The Wine Trolley was so much fun- I highly recommend it! It picked us up at the hotel and we were the first ones on so we got first dibbs on the best seats! Check out some of these pics! James and I ended up purchasing 2 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of Champagne! We visited Ventana Vineyards tasting room, Boekenoogen tasting room, Sinnet, Joulien and Boete- I was definitely feeling it by the last one. James and Adam even took time to smell the roses.

Beautiful Monterey, CA!

James and I met our friends Adam and Shannon in Monterey for a fun vacation. What would be a trip for the Malones without a little drama. First, we missed our plane because we were at the gate but it just so happens it was the wrong gate. According to US Air, "It was our responsibility to read the monitors, " which we did and "everyone else got on the plane without incident". We got on the next flight and we arrived in San Jose around noon. Shannon got the rental car and had enough time to get snacks at Trader Joes! THANK YOU SHANNON!!! We started our journey down to Monterey! These views were from our window- they were having a Senior golf tournament. From our window we would hear a whack of a golf ball then a few golf claps. The next 2 days were amazing!