Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Passion Realized

Well, I have always known that I liked to read but I was either too lazy to go to the library or too busy! The Glendale main library is very close to our house. I went there before our Monterrey trip and got myself a library card. I have placed 'reservations' for books that are popular. I started reading the Twilight books over that vacation and I am hooked. I picked up the 3rd book the other day and started reading it yesterday. So far this month I have read 3 books and by the end of the month- I should be up to 5 books. James and I are listening to an audio book on the way to work called, "Love as a Way of Life" by Dr. Gary Chapman- the author of the greatest book ever, "The Five Love Languages". Which, if you haven't read it and are in a relationship, I highly recommend it- you can apply it to ALL relationships.

So, I go to the Library now at least once a week and it's great. They even have movies and CDs you can check out! All of this reading has inspired me to possibly start WRITING. Yes, you heard right. Recently, I have written a few letters to airlines on behalf of family members and the airlines have responded favorably- giving compensation where compensation is due. I also write this blog. So now, James calls me 'Ghost Writer'. I decided to start working on an 'article' that the newspaper will hopefully publish. I will give more details when it happens. Then on the way home from work last week, James had a great idea for me to write a book. He's hoping that I write a book, it gets published, we hit the jackpot and he no longer has to work. Smart huh? Well, that would be freakin' awesome but I have a lot of work to do here... We even have an 'alias' for the article that we may even use for the book. Hey- dream big and you may realize those dreams. I know what the book will be about but it's still in the early stages so I will keep you guessing.


Charlotte said...

It's so funny, I have been hitting the library too. I have been reading about a book a week since I am taking the bus I can read on my way to and from work. I also love the fact that they have DVD's and videos. I keep checking out videos, DVD's and books for Caden too. You can only read the same book so many times before you hide it. :)

Shannon said...

Go for it Mel--that has always been a passion of mine too. I got a poem published when I was at ASU but havent pursued it much since. I love to read and write. I am going to send you a link called "goodreads" which I know you will get addicted too just like I did :) Shannon