Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Beautiful Monterey, CA!

James and I met our friends Adam and Shannon in Monterey for a fun vacation. What would be a trip for the Malones without a little drama. First, we missed our plane because we were at the gate but it just so happens it was the wrong gate. According to US Air, "It was our responsibility to read the monitors, " which we did and "everyone else got on the plane without incident". We got on the next flight and we arrived in San Jose around noon. Shannon got the rental car and had enough time to get snacks at Trader Joes! THANK YOU SHANNON!!! We started our journey down to Monterey! These views were from our window- they were having a Senior golf tournament. From our window we would hear a whack of a golf ball then a few golf claps. The next 2 days were amazing!

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Shannon said...

Thank you guys so much, it was a great trip. We miss you and the views already!!!! Your pictures are awesome, you may see a few on our blog too :-) I am a blog pictures theft! Love you guys, The Wilkes