Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Rosie took a break from reading the TV GUIDE featuring HEROES to chew her bone...

Season 3 of Heroes started yesterday. James and I watched the 1 hour pre-heroes party and then the 2 hours premier. It was awesome. As many of you know, I have TIVO- James got it for me for my b-day 2 years ago. I joke saying that, "My life started when I got TIVO." It's not far from the truth. It's nice being able to log into my TIVO from ANY computer and set it to record shows. I have season passes and NEVER miss my favorites. I even have my 60 minutes debut from Superbowl TIVO'd. Yep - I can watch myself over and over checking in Andy Rooney- I almost have to because if I happen to blink I will miss it! Ha. Well check out the website if you are interested in our latest obsession: http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/

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Shannon said...

I LOVE Heroes, it and Lost are the only 2 shows I follow. Adam loves Lost too, but hasnt gotten into Heroes yet.