Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In the Garden

Jimmy and I decided to put a college effort toward a garden this year.  We have had one before but the last couple of years, we just never did it before it got BLAZING hot.  About 4 weeks ago, Jimmy tore out the old bushes that lined our back fence.  God only knows how long those things were there- the roots were DEEP and long.  He tilled up the flower bed, got rid of the weeds and we planted:  yellow heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes (my fave), bush goliath tomatoes, jalopenos, asian hot peppers, wax beans, radishes, zucchini, mint (has been growing like a week for 3+ years now), basil, parsley and Thai basil.  Jimmy completely redid the drip system to ensure everything is well hydrated.  We have room for more but don't think we will be adding anything.  I would like to add more cherry tomatoe plants though....  Maybe I can sneak more of those in before too long.

The tomato cage there with the white tag is the yellow heirlooms- can't wait to try these!  I hope caprese salad is in my future!

Zucchini, you can see the flower below- we already have a 4 inch zucchini

Bush Goliath tomato, already have 6 young tomatos growing

Life in the barracks

A Sailor and his dad

On our way to check out his room, Mollie looked at the picture and said, "dad you're short".

Cleaning up the place so he will pass inspection

Sam was not thrilled that I was taking pics
After Easter with the Martin's, we headed back to Bethesda to check out Sam's room.  He had a roommate and now he doesn't.  He shares a bathroom with the guy in the room next door.  After 9/11 when bases were restricted to Military personnel, I feel like I shouldn't be there.  But we drove right on a few times.  We got to see Sam's room, etc.  The first picture above has a grey suburban in the background, that my friend, belongs to Sam.  We weren't lucky enough to get to take a ride in it but the Ford Edge we rented, did the job just fine!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter in Virginia

Jean had such a spread- Ham, scalloped potatoes, cole slaw, baked beans, corn caserole, roles, Everything was so yummy!

Jimmy and Jean

Jean and Sam

Jean has 3 springer spaniels and they were so lovable

Jimmy, Mel, Sam, Joe, Jean and Gary
Jimmy with Harley, Rex and Ava the springer spaniels
We feel so blessed that Jean invited us over to her home for Easter Dinner.  She has such a beatiful home and she put together a most delicious meal!  We drove from Bethesda to Bristow Virginia, which was about 45 minutes.  We hope that Sam gets to spend time with them while he is stationed in MD. 

More DC Fun!

Hello Michelle and Barrack!

Look close and you can see reflections on the Trolley

Air and Space Museum

Wishing we could go inside....  But the line is LONG!

Sam doesn't need a jacket!

You can see the Capitol from the Trolley stop
We decided to try the Trolley and see more stuff.  Sam had a bout with food poisoning so on Saturday we wanted to see the sights with him.  We got a cool tip to get on the trolley where you can hop on and hop off.  Jimmy and I want to come back in the winter time when it's not prime tourist season.  The crowds were unbearable at times but we still had fun

Mel and Jimmy Venture out to DC

Just got off the metro and this is what we saw

WWII Memorial wasn't here the last time I was here

Lincoln Memorial is a fave- very crowded that day

American History Museum- Julia Child's kitchen.  I LOVED IT!

Jimmy took a great pic- love that you can see the Museum entrace in the distance

Fountain outside HRB
We hopped on the train and headed toward DC.  We walked and walked and got to see some great stuff.  We saw the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, The Korea Memorial, We walked to the American History Museum.  The weather was perfect, cold at times rained a little but we can't complain.   We wanted to see so much that day-  and we ended up heading there again on Saturday- see the next post!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Got Crabs?

Sam wasn't sure about the Oysters....  He said, "They taste like shrimp"
Jimmy says yum, Mel says, No Thanks

1 dozen large crabs (BEFORE)

1 dozen large crabs (AFTER)

This place is a dive but it was fun!

after check in, relaxing

We left Phoenix and spent the day traveling.  We got so lucky because our flight was cancelled but we managed to get rerouted and end up arriving over an hour earlier!  We picked up Sam from the base, checked in and walked down to Bethesda Crab house.  Here's some pics.  More fun to

Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Dinner with Family

Aranna and Florence having fun

Richard and April celebrated too!

Uncle Corky and Jimmy!

Michelle and Jimmy

The BEST carrot cake you'll ever have!

Jimmy singing happy birthday to himself

Happy Birthday Jimmy!
Last Saturday we celebrated Jimmy's birthday at home with family.  I didn't tell Jimmy that Florence or April and Richard were coming so he was surprised and delighted to see them.  We had Jimmy's favorite pasta dish that I make.  Homemade meatballs with rigatoni with a spicy sauce, baked with cheese.  For dessert, I made carrot cake from scratch.  I found THE BEST recipe and it was even better days later.  Happy Birthday Jimmy! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A little of this....

Thought I'd tell you about what we've been up to lately.  This is a pic of the most beautiful mushrooms sauteed with some onions that I put into quesadillas with steak, monterey jack cheese and goat cheese.  Heavenly. 
This is Phoenix.  He likes to sit there and be rubbed by my feet.  It's a daily thing we got going on. 
This is a pic from a meeting I was in today.  The best part about it was the fresh fruit at the far end of the table.  Do you see all of the snacks?  Name as many as you can and I will send you a prize.

We've been gardening, working, enjoying the cool weather while it lasts and enjoying time with Aranna, Matt, Mollie and friends.  You've gotta enjoy life.