Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life in the barracks

A Sailor and his dad

On our way to check out his room, Mollie looked at the picture and said, "dad you're short".

Cleaning up the place so he will pass inspection

Sam was not thrilled that I was taking pics
After Easter with the Martin's, we headed back to Bethesda to check out Sam's room.  He had a roommate and now he doesn't.  He shares a bathroom with the guy in the room next door.  After 9/11 when bases were restricted to Military personnel, I feel like I shouldn't be there.  But we drove right on a few times.  We got to see Sam's room, etc.  The first picture above has a grey suburban in the background, that my friend, belongs to Sam.  We weren't lucky enough to get to take a ride in it but the Ford Edge we rented, did the job just fine!

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