Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Campers?

Jimmy and I headed up to Lynx lake in Prescott on 6/30.  We arrived early to get a camping spot.  Thank goodness we did this because this is a first come, first served campground.  We got an awesome spot with lots of shade and we set up the tent, the shower shelter that we borrowed from a friend from work.  We spent 2 nights there.  We would have stayed longer if it was cooler and if we could have used the camp fire bowl provided.  We brought the dogs and they did pretty good but Rosie got bit by something and her face swole up (next post).  We had a portable toilet that we were able to use inside the shower room and we were also able to take showers even though there were no facilities since we had a couple of camp shower solar bladders.  We ate well, making meals using my parent's old coleman camp stove.  The first night we had burgers, pasta salad and 2 bottles of wine.  The next day, I made breakfast  burritos and for dinner we had NY steaks with mashed potatoes, baked beans and green beans and more wine. 

The first night I woke up around midnight to noise of someone or something rifling through stuff at our campsite.  I woke Jimmy up so he could see what it was and get it to stop.  We were being overcome by SKUNKS going nuts in the trash bag.  We learned that before bed, we should move the trash to higher ground and slept much better the 2nd night. 

We are looking forward to doing a lot more camping.  We love the shower shelter and if you're like me that is a must!  A 5 gallon shower bag was enough for both Jimmy and I to take a shower with.  We have a few things on our wish list to complete our camp surplus. 

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