Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Matt!

We had an awesome BBQ for Matt yesterday.  He turned 30!  About a week and a half before his big day, he sent me an e-mail asking me to do a BBQ for him.  I made pulled pork sandwiches with the best spicy slaw.  I also had a fruit salad, a veggie tray, summer sangria adn the rest of the fixings.  Matt said it was the best birthday he's had in a long time! 

Some sweet decor!

The 3 Musketeers.  Jimmy decided to keep the shades on for the pic, despite my pleading.

YUM~!  I am craving these NOW!  Click here for the recipe.  I used jalopenos from our garden.

The luau themed party would not be a luau without the drinks with umbrellas!

Jimmy got Matt a sweet smoker grill!

A pinata stuffed with candy!

We improvides on the pinata and Matt swung at it home run derby style!

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