Wednesday, July 2, 2008

American Idol Live tour- Opening Show 7/1/08- Glendale AZ!

Okay- I know what you are thinking,

"what a dork you went to the American Idol Concert". It's okay though because my friend Shannon and I had a grea time. They all sang 3 songs, one at a time in the order they were eliminated- here's the cliff notes:

1. Chikezie- okay

2. Remielle- blah

3. Michael Johns- ROCKED!!! He was so awesome- he came out with 'We will Rock You' then did We are the Champions and ended with Dream ON! AMAZING!!

4. Kristy Lee- Okay

5. Carly- AWESOME!!! Loved Crazy on you

6. Brooke- AWESOME- started with 'Let it Be', ended with 'Yellow' (which is mine and James' song)

7. Jason Castro- okay- he did the 'Somewhere over the rainbow'

8. Syesha- annoying

9. David Archuleta- was sooo cute! LOVE HIM!

10. David Cook- was amazing! Rocked with 5 or 6 songs!

Then the finale song was so cheesy- they all came out and sang and danced to 'Please don't stop the music'

I am glad I went- I was hooked on the show- I know Shannon was too and for the record- we were NOT the oldest ones there!


Joey and Megan said...

I so would have gone too!

Norm, Florence, Alex, Marissa & Jace said...

I am so jealous. I love American Idol. Guess that makes me a dork too!! LOL