Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Construction Crew

James came home with a 14 page print out titled, "Make your own Planting Station".  He said, "I thought we could build this.  I affirmed that we could certainly try and so we went to home depot and got everything on the list.  He's been itching to get this awesome miter saw out of the box and put it to use so here it is. 

Here's the happy builder in action.  Note the sweet apron he's wearing!

After I took pics of him and set the camera down, he thought he'd give mea  taste of my own medicine. 

I put the camera down and didn't really do a great job getting step by step pics of our master piece but as you can see, he's putting the leg supports on in this pic. 

Here's the finished project.  If you would like to try your hand at this project, click HERE  to get the pics and plans.  I have to admit it was a lot easier than I thought.  If we can do it, I am pretty sure anyone can.  I get the sweet job of reading the instructions then telling hubby what he/we need to do next.  I am feeling really proud of our accomplishment today.  Now James has an outdoor workbench for all his projects.

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