Monday, May 23, 2011

Projects and Protesters

Yep, home depot seems to be a weekly spot for us.  Jimmy decided he wanted to try his hand at a project so here's the raw materials.  We also got a bunch of wood screws, wood glue, and another couple of pieces of wood.  I will keep what we are building a secret until the next post.  I will just tell yout that it is supposed to take 3 hours to build and we are going to try it tomorrow.  I will make sure to take pics before, during and after the project.  Hopefully there are no casualties like thier were last weekend with the shed.  We have a long list of directions to keep us on track so this should be interesting.....
I was inside the other day, looked out and saw Rosie in the pool.  She loves the first step and she gets in a drinks the water.  Her and Phoenix have fresh water, under the patio but they prefer to drink pool water.  Makes me wonder what all those chemicals are doing to thier brains. 

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