Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Latest creations and multipications

Baking makes me happy.  It seems to make others around me happy when I bake too.  The banana bread is my specialty.  The cookies are called crisp oatmeal cookies.  There's oatmeal, coconut and chocolate chips and they are the perfect mix of crisp and chewy.  It does not get much better than these babies.
The previous post has 2 of these.  We ate 1 with dinner and we picked 2 more.  THEY ARE MULTIPLYING and we have enough zucchini to share.  I wish the state fair was next week because I would enter one of these to win the largest veggie contest!   Do you or anyone you know want a zucchini?  I thought about making zucchini bread.  Any other ideas for zucchini?  These guys are huge and there are more out of the vine.  The tomato plants are just teaming with fruit that will hopefully ripen on the vine soon then I will be showing you pics and hoping you write a comment so that I can give you some home grown tomaters. 
More beautifully yummy cookies.  Feel free to leave a comment with some zucchini ideas or offering to take some of these off my hands!

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Charlotte said...

an idea for zuchini - Shred it in the food processor & freeze in - in 1 cup or 2 cup portions. You could also make chocolate zucchini cake. I will find the recipe and e-mail it to you. It is a favorite of mine.

Also you could cut the zucchini up and pan fry it. :)