Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not Enough Time in the Day!

Okay, this post should be titled 'Outtakes' but I am feeling the pinch right now for the lack of time. I have to:

1. Finish wrapping presents
2. Finish baking sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, 3 batches of fudge, a pecan pie, a carrot cake

3. Finish cleaning the house

4. Get gift for family Secret Santa Exchange (wrap it too)

5. Do Laundry

6. Set up extra table/ chaffing dishes/ chairs for food and family

7. Clean some more

8. Spot Clean the carpet

9. Wash the dogs

10. Change the sheets

11. Buy stocking stuffers
I am sure that there are more things that should be added to the list, I am just going brain dead right now. I need HELP!!!! I am going to enlist my sweet delegation skills and make it all happen. James is working tomorrow so I can put him to work when he gets home. I know that we will enjoy our Christmas and all of the chaos will be well worth it. We are expecting to have a houseful. We will have a major void without Norm, Florence and family. STay tuned for more pictures. Speaking of pics and the Akins- where have you guys been??? Post some pics and such of what's going on will ya!!! Miss you!

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