Sunday, December 7, 2008

NAU Holiday Christmas Dinner and More

On Saturday, I picked up Jan and Walt (my longtime friends) and we made our way up to Flagstaff. Every year for the past 28 years they have gone to the NAU chorale Holiday dinner. When I was in college they took me and a few times after that as well. They had an extra ticket this time and invited me. I was thrilled to get to the dinner this year.

I also got to see Dr. Hill! That was such a serendipituous event! Dr. Hill was such an inspirational part of my college years. I took 2 classes from her- Hospitality leadership and Ecotourism. Her and I have had a connection much deeper than Professor- Student. She has such a peaceful, caring way about her. We caught up (briefly) and hugged! Jill- if you are reading this she said, "Give Jill a big hug for me".

I also got to see Mark on Sunday Morning. I picked him up from the Dorm and we ran some errands and got a quick bite to eat. I set him up with some snacks to hold him over during Finals this week. He moved the furniture in his room for more 'space' not sure what he needs the space for? Maybe for guitar hero OR Rock band???
Here's a pic of our decked out house. It looks better when you are standing in front- the pic is too dark.

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