Sunday, November 2, 2008

We got to meet Jamison!

My friend Anne came over this morning with her 2 beautiful babies, Carly and Jamison! I met Anne in '2000 when I moved to California. In fact, Anne was my Guardian Angel and roommate for nearly 4 years before I moved back to AZ. When I moved back, Anne came out to help me when my mom died. She compiled the most touching picture DVD for my mom's memorial service. She also came out and helped me paint my first house after I moved in. When I lived with her, she amazed me- this lady is handy! The hot water heater pooped out and what did she do? She bought a new one, uninstalled the old one and hooked up the new one, gas, water, electicity and all. There is nothing that this lady cannot do!

Anne is one of the most generous, loving people that I know. In fact, if I had not lived with her, I wouldn't have been able to afford to live there nor would I have had the support to stay. I am so happy that Carly, Jamison and Anne have each other. Carly is so big! She

will turn 3 December 22 and Jamison is a tank at 7 months old, already wearing 12 month clothes!

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