Monday, November 10, 2008

Aunt Fran

My Aunt Fran is my Dad's older sister. She is the person on the right hand side of this pic. Can you guess who the little gal is to the left? Yep, it's me. This is one of my favorite pics. It is candid and tender and just illustrates the love between her and I so long ago. Aunt Fran used to live in Canoga Park, CA- she moved in the late 90s to Weatherby Lake, MO. I miss her. She is the BEST seamstress, quilter, knitter, crocheter, I know. She is a dog lover, and a fun all around lady! I haven't seen her since 2004 when my Mom passed. She flew out to lend support to my brother and I.

In fact, I have been begging James to come with me to visit her and Tom. My Aunt Fran is my only living Aunt. My husband hasn't even met her! I know that James, Aunt Fran and her husband Tom would hit it off. Tom is just as awesome as Aunt Fran! Some of my best childhood memories involve Aunt Fran and spending time at her house in Canoga Park. So, next time you see James- encourage him that a trip to Kansas City Missouri would be fun! Please leave a comment on this post and give me some selling points for a trip to Missouri. I am convinced- I just have to convince the hubby. I was trying to make it an Oklahoma/ Missouri combo since they are fairly close. We could fly into MO and rent a car and drive to OK to visit other family.


Shannon said...

Adam and I say---go to MO James. I havent been there, but I bet Adam has for work. You can NEVER visit family too much!!!!

barbarawilkesdepp said...

Take mel to Kansas City.She went
to Crown king with you got stranded
in the wild forest with two flat
tires and could of been eatin by
hungry bearsn

Brad said...

Take Melanie to KC so I can see my cousin and my kids can meet her!

Cousin Tricia
Omaha, NE