Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crown King Adventure

Lots of cattle in this area

Flat tire #1

Flat Tire # 2
James and I decided last week to go to Crown King this week on Wednesday- our only day off together. He's been telling me how much fun I was going to have but all day I kept wondering when that was going to happen. The day started out pretty good. Woke up, had some coffee got ready to go, stopped at Fry's to get stuff for our picnic. Then we hit the road. The road to Crown King is a 26+ mile drive of very primitive dirt/rock road. We got our first flat tire about mile 20. When I say first flat tire- that means there was a second one only this time- no spare. It was like a scene out of a movie- a horror movie. Our 2nd flat tire was about mile marker 23. Both rear tires of the truck are toast. As you can see from the last pic we kept driving because there was no other option. The road is not very travelled on a Wednesday. We did get lucky and a very nice Crown King Fire Dept. Employee named Bonnie happened to be 'jogging' right where we were stopped. She offered to run back to her car and come back and help us. She was so generous with her time and services. She wouldn't take money for helping us so we donated to the Crown King Fire Dept. in her name. Crown King doesn't even have a gas station or service station or anything for us to get help. I bought a plug kit at the general store. James plugged the tire and it was still leaking. I was beyond cranky since I hadn't eaten. He still wanted to explore despite our tire woes. So we drove around more dirt roads. You will see James old 1 room school house, the old cabin (with new addition) that started the whole Crown King Adventure. So we stop in the forest to finally have our long awaited picnic. After we were done eating we walked around and stumbled upon a very old cemetary (of all places). It was pretty indicative of the day we had. I told James that if we got another flat tire I was going to stab myself right in the heart (thank goodness we only had a plastic knife). We stopped at the Saloon and had a beer and then decided to make our way back home.

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Shannon said...

OH geez, is this year over yet???? :) See you Friday, the Wilkes