Saturday, October 15, 2011

Before, During and After

Here are the stairs before the carpet was ripped out.  The walls and banisters had aleready been repainted. 

Here's the carpet in the dining room.  Not a smart idea to have carpet right under the dining table. 

Living room with the same light colored carpet, a nightmare if you have dogs, kids, etc.

During!  The crew arrived on Monday and immediately got to work.  It took 3 men, 3 days to complete the project.  We were thinking about doing the work ourselves but after it was all said and one, we are so happy we got the crew to demo/install everything. This picture shows the underlayment that was placed between the concrete and the wood.

Brazilian Cherry wood.  So rich looking.

We are trying to get everything back to normal.  It's been a slow process since we have been working so much.

Here's a good pic of what it looks like.  We are still going to be tweaking our wall art, etc.  It's very clean and we have already invested in a dust mop.  I have the best steam mop but unfortunately we cannot use that on the wood, only the tile.  We are looking forward to have friends and family over to see our new 'place'.

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