Thursday, September 2, 2010

My 3rd Natalie Merchant Concert 8/17

I was asked the other day, why I am not updating my blog more frequently (you know who you are). As I looked at some other blogs bookmarked on this page, I noticed that some of them haven't been updated in as much as 11 months. So, that leads me to believe that I am doing okay with the blog. And where I slack off, I have Florence and Norm to add some pics and posts of thier Kauai adventures. It's hard to keep up on the blog when you work from 7a-7p 5 days a week. That leaves little time for much and the time I had, I just wanted to plant myself on the couch.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Shannon and I went to Dodge theatre to see one of my favorite musicians, Natalie Merchant. She was amazing. She adapted childrens poems to music. She was animated, fun and engaged with the crowd. She played so long, it felt like 2 concerts. She played all of our favorites. Her last song was Kind and Generous, which was played at my mom's memorial service. It was a great ending to a most enjoyable show!

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