Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jimmy and Mel on vacation

We finally got to escape the heat and take a vacation! We drove to Palm Springs to break up the driving and spent the night there, got up then headed to Palmdale, CA to see my Dad and Hanh. We went to the Peach Orchard and picked more fruit than I thought possible. We had a nice visit with Dad and Hanh and even got to play a 3 hour game of Mexican poker.

The next day we set out for San Diego. The traffic gods were on our side and we got there before noon. Just in time for Jimmy to hop on a boat and go sport fishing! He was in hog heaven and so was I. I got to lay by the pool and read a magazine (something I never get to do on vacation).

We also had a beach day. We packed a picnic, our beach chairs, blanket, umbrella and got ourselves a good spot on Mission Beach.

Me lounging at the pool

The View from our room

We also got to spend a couple of nights in Huntington Beach. I reminded Jimmy it was basically the exact same trip we took when we got engaged, minus the Palm Springs and Palmdale stops. We got to hang with our good friends Tamara and Pierre and thier little munchkin Sebastian. Looking forward to taking more vacations!

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