Sunday, October 18, 2009

The latest and greatest

Jimmy got an i phone and has been taking some pics. Thought I would post some of them. We both gave blood last Friday and he had someone take a pic of him for photographic evidence. He has worked at the Hyatt for over 5 years and this is the first time he had given blood at work. Sam donated a lot of blood over the last year and a half so Jimmy donated blood in honor of Sam.

We still have the Leopard Gecko that the Akin's left for us before thier move to Kauai and here's some pics of him.
We have been watching Callin and Ava once a week so Michelle and Chris can have a break. They are getting so big and are so much fun to hang out with. Both Callin and Ava LOVE Mr. Potato Head and put his eyes, ears, glasses, hats in thier mouth or on thier body! Thier both so adorable we just LOVE them.
Jimmy also worked the Glendale Fire Dept. Parade and took some shots. I looked at our calendar for the next 3 months and each and every weekend we have something going on. Either Jimmy is working for the city for a football game or we are in Chicago or there is something going on at work.

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