Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jimmy and Mel's annual State Fair excursion!

Jimmy and I LOVE any kind of fair. We were spoiled this summer at the Ventura County fair, it was oceanside and just had a cool vibe. Anyways, on Friday, we got there right when it opened. We got our first snack of ice cold beer. Then we saw the native american spirit dancers. We walked through the building with all vendors the got our next snack from the Pigley Wigley stand of sliders, onion rings and fried zucchini. Then we went through the beer garden and got to 'taste' some beers as well. Jimmy's favorite Budweiser Clydesdales were there and theres a pic with me and 'Brady' the fire dog. We saw a couple of the corny shows which included the Lumberjack show and the blacksmith show. We also snuck in during the rehearsal for the entertainment that was in the Coliseum that night= an ABBA cover band. We heard them sing Chiqatita and Super Troopers. The original plan was to stay for the figure 8 races, which started at 7pm but we didn't make it. We ducked out to relax at home. We hope to go in 2 weeks for may favorite: THE DEMOLITON DERBY. Stay tuned.....

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