Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Congrats Sam! Class of 2009

Last Thursday Samuel graduated from Ironwood High School! We are so proud of him. It was a rainy day but thank goodness we were inside the University of Phoenix Stadium! The whole family was there. Sam seemed pretty happy- check out his ear-to-ear smiles! He leaves for Kauai next week! We teamed up with Granaran to get him an airline ticket to visit the Akins! Nice graduation present huh? He will be there for 2 weeks. We are soooo jealous. Above he is pictured with his recruiting officer as he is going to boot camp in September!


Shannon said...

Congrats Sam, we are so proud of you and wish you a great two weeks in Hawaii. so jealous....but we'll take good care of your Dad and Mel when you are gone :)

Norm, Florence, Alex, Marissa & Jace said...

Congratulations Sam!!! You did it.
We can't wait for you to get here next week. We have all sorts of fun things planned for you.