Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Weekend!

Greetings! James and I had a nice weekend at home. It was our first weekend off together since Superbowl. Saturday was my 31st b-day. James took me to get a massage then we at lunch afterwards at Pita Jungle. If you haven't been there- I recommend it. On the door it says, "The art of eating healthy". It is basically mediterranean food and it's very fresh and healthy and most importantly YUMMY. It's my new favorite place. And by the way- it was relatively inexpensive- James and I ate for $23- After lunch we went to the movies. This was the 3rd time we have gone to the movies together in more than 3 years together. We saw Slumdog Millionaire just in time for the Oscars! It was good. I am glad we saw it. I still want to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

On Sunday, we got a lot done. I cleaned the office and it was a disaster. It's nice to go in there and not have 'stuff' everywhere. That is our next project- re-doing the flooring, painting the walls, new office furniture, new window coverings, the works! I can't wait. We are still fighting off the cold/flu that we've been struggling with for the past 2 weeks. James unfortunately caught it from me. He is battling it now from home.

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Shannon said...

Happy Belated Birthday my friend. I love you much and wish you a WONDERFUL well deserved 31st year of life. Adam's bday is today--we need to all get together to celebrate. XOXO Shannon