Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's new with the Malones?

James and I have been working like DOGS. We have the 2009 Mary Kay Leadership convention. For anyone who works in hotels you are cringing right now. I knew it was going to be bad- how bad was up in the air. The hotel has 700 rooms. Imagine 1300 ladies (all wearing the same brown suit) occupying the hotel. These are the Sales Directors and thier teams that have ascended on the hotel. We have 3 waves so it's a 16 day wallup that is wearing on me. Between James working for the City last week for the play off game and at the hotel, he will have had 1 day off for almost 18 days of work. Whew- so I am trying to stay out of the 'whoa is me' mind set but if I don't have a day off soon we aren't going to have any clothes to wear since I can't do laundry! Last year this time, we were living and breathing SUPER BOWL. That was long hours, a lot of days working but it was nothing like this lovely MARY KAY group. I haven't taken any pictures lately except one of the dogs cuddling the other day. So, hopefully James and I will get a day off soon so we can clean the house, do the laundry, do the yardwork and take care of the bills.

On the flip side- we are very excited for the AZ Cardinals. I have been to 1 Cardinals game and it was back in 1995 at the Sundevil Stadium- they played the Bengals (I think) and I am almost positive they lost. 3 Years ago, I bought James a Cardinals T-Shirt that he has only worn like 2 times. Mysteriously, it has come out of hiding and he has worn it like everyday afterwork (I have to sneak it into the 1st load of laundry I do so it's ready for 2/1). I am not a big football person myself, but I always love a good underdog story. We are planning on going to the Wilke's Superbowl party and look forward to watching them beat the Steelers.