Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year, New Me.....HOPEFULLY

Okay, only 1 of my friends took heed to me tagging them for the NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. That's okay. Now I know who REALLY reads my blog! Well, last night James and I watched a show that I Tivo'd called, "You, Staying Young" with Dr. Oz (Oprah's favorite Dr.). It took a couple and assessed thier health and the difference between thier health age and thier real age. So the bottom line is for 2009 is to get healthier. Since my mom passed, I have gained an insane amount of weight and I would really like to say goodbye to it.

I also found out last year that I have an auto-immune disease called, "Hashimoto's Thyroiditis". Basically, my body is attacking my Thyroid gland and making my metabolism slower than it should be. My Dr. was pretty pleased with herself for finding this out. Now I take a thyroid hormone and will forever. It was the reason for a lot of the unexplained weight gain. Now that I have the hormone regulated, it will be easier to lose the pounds. I have always been happy being me but with all the family history of cancer, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and thyroid problems, I would really like to get healthy for myself and my husband.

Together, we decided to work on getting healthier. I will keep you updated on our progress. The discovery health body challenge started and we are going to sign up at:

We are also focusing on saving $$$ and being more frugal. Any ideas or suggestions for either of these focuses are greatly appreciated.

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~Cari said...

Well I also decided to try to cut out spending so much money unnecessarily and this is what I found to be an easy way to do it: instead of buying expensive shampoo and conditioner from my stylist I switched to buying Pantene from Costco (I also switched sylists to a girl that is half the price because she does hair out of her house), instead of costly Clinique or Lancome makeup I now buy Eyes Lips Face- everything is $1 at this website and I also wait until they send me a free shipping email if $20 is spent. Those are the two major changes I made to try to save money- who can tell if my makeup or shampoo is cheap or costly?