Saturday, October 4, 2008

My very own Cindarella Story

Let me start by saying- DON'T TELL JAMES YOU READ THIS. He will never know about this because- I am pretty confident that he doesn't read the blog. Okay- now, I just got back from Chicago so I may be especially sappy. I have been gone for 3 nights and back just 1 day. I was in a ridiculously chaotic airport yesterday and they called for 1 person from our flight to give up thier seat for a free roundtrip ticket. I really wanted to get home but I wanted to gauge James and see if he could wait a day to see me to get a free ticket on United. When I called him from the gate I told him about getting a free ticket, I would have to stay another night and get a flight in the AM back. He responded quickly with, "No! NO! NO! Not No but HELL NO! I haven't had a meal since you've been gone! All I have had is Pop Tarts- YOU NEED TO GET HOME NOW!" I laughed. I was glad that his sentiments matched mine. But I did tell him later that he needs to make meals for himself even if I am not around.
I feel so lucky to have found James. I feel strongly that my Mom, had a lot to do with it. I would always tell her that I didn't think that I could ever find anyone good enough, that would be just as good to me as I would be to them. So in January of 2004 I moved back to Phoenix to help as she was sick with Cancer. If I hadn't moved back- I would not have ever met the man of my dreams and if my mom had not been sick, I probably wouldn't have moved back. God only knows where I would be and how my life would have been. See, the passing of my mom really changed me. I honestly feel that it prepared me for James. When we got engaged, we called his mom and I told her how lucky I felt and she said, "HE'S THE LUCKY ONE!" The fact is, we are both lucky. This is how life was meant to be for me.


Norm, Florence, Alex, Marissa & Jace said...

It is sappy but oh so sweet. You are both lucky people to have found each other. Being married to James' brother Norm, for 28 years, and I still think he is the best thing that ever happened to me as well.

Charlotte said...

I love it. Justin can cook, but he prefers hamburger helper. :) I would have a hard time giving up my seat too. Sometimes you just gotta get home.

Baby Sebastian said...

So sweet... You two were destined to be together and you make it work and worth it everyday, together! I think that you two are equally lucky - He found his goddess and you found your affectionate bridezilla! We love you both very much!!!

Joey and Megan said...

I love those pictures of you, and I'm so happy that you're happy!

I'm starting to make "freezer meals" where you spend a few hours cooking a bunch of meals and then you freeze them. We should get together and make them sometime, then James will be able to eat if you're not around.

(Joey doesn't read our blog either).