Sunday, October 19, 2008

Adventures in Wood Cutting!!!

James and I got a firewood permit and we can get up to 5 cords by December 13th. James got a new chainsaw and we got the boys, the map and all of our tools and headed out into the forest. We found some dead Aspen and got started. The truck bed is FULL of wood. We aren't sure how it will burn but we have plans to come up in 2 weeks and our mission: JUNIPER. Juniper is great wood for the fireplace, burns slow and hot. It was hard work but fun. James loved using his chainsaw. The weather was perfect- I think a high of 72 and this morning we came out to the truck and it was a brisk 36 degrees. Last night we had dinner at Black Bart's Steak house. They have great food and live entertainment- NAU students sing! We enjoyed it and it was pretty funny watching Sam- He said that people that sing creep him out- not sure what that's about...

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