Monday, May 5, 2008


This can now be added to my list of accomplishments! Yes, for Cinco de Mayo the Hyatt had a Salsa contest and I thought, "what the heck". I have made a few batches and received rave reviews from in-laws, friends and my husband. James gave me some ideas of how to improve the last batch. He said,
"It's great but you need to add a little kick to it."
I was like, you want kick, you got it! And this resulted in winning the contest here at work! Mom would be proud! I used her recipe and just tweaked some things. So, as James said earlier today~ my award winning salsa will be featured on the menu at the restaurant we open.

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Joey and Megan said...

Since I started making my own salsa last year, I can hardly stand the store bought stuff anymore. We should swap recipes.