Sunday, May 11, 2008

Aranna's custom Mother's Day Shirt

I was pretty proud of myself for decorating a shirt for Aranna. The front has iron on letters that spell her name and the back has a nifty iron on of the logo- you can buy iron ons and print out ANYTHING from your computer and put them on a shirt. As I was decorating it, James was spying on me and I was explaining what I was doing and once he realized that I could put ANYTHING on a shirt he said the funniest thing: He said, "Um Mel, I want to be really clear on something. Do not 'decorate' any shirts for me with iron ons and letters, okay?" I laughed. I know he's afraid I will make h im wear something cheesy, which isn't far from reality.

Seen here you see James with Aranna. It was a great day!

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