Saturday, January 5, 2008

Trip to Flagstaff Dec 20th

The Snowy San Francisco Peaks! On the day we left- the high was 29 degrees!

These are the Sled Dogs! They are owned by the previous owner of the Inn. I LOVED THEM!

I LOVED this tree at the Inn

James and I made the trek up to Flagstaff on 12/20 for a 1 night stay at the Sled Dog Inn~ We are quite the B&B connoisseurs! We had a great time! We played in the snow, at lunch at the Beaver Street Brewery, ate dinner at Black Bart's, saw the Pioneer museum, the museum of Northern AZ, toured the Riordan mansion AND at lunch at Oregano's! We did all off that in about 28 hours time, not including sleeping, walking around downtown Flag and enjoying a gourmet breakfast at the Inn. By the way, we HIGHLY recommend this place- we will definitely be back- check it out online:
They had a Macaw named Oliver that was hilarious! He talked and cooed and made some pretty funny sounds. He was in love with me- claims the owner of the Inn. Oliver would talk to me when I was right next to his cage- which he never does unless he really likes you. We also bought a 1/2 cord of wood and schlepped it back home from Flagstaff- that's what you gotta do to save $$. Even though we were there for 1 day- we did as much as we could!

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Megan said...

Hey lady, I love the blog. I'm going to start one too, one of these days. The Inn looks awesome. Let's B&B together sometime, we'd love a weekend away from the kiddos. By "together" I of course mean separate rooms. You get the idea :)