Thursday, January 3, 2008

Our Lazy Dog Husker

We love our dog even though her breath could kill a small child, she has flatulence that can bring on a strong case of nausea and she will turn anything on the ground into her own personal comfort tool- she got 2 dog beds for Christmas- 1 for upstairs and 1 for downstairs (the red milk bone bed is for down stairs and she has a leopard print one for upstair). Seen here on our black bean bag she has hijacked it even though her dog bed is just feet away. Anything for our old girl~ She still has a few fun, fiesty moments left in her- do you see the round, green thing on the floor next to her? That's a foot massager that she growls at, chases and fights with because in some doggy way- it's alive and a toy for her- we really get a kick out of it- next time she does it, I will record it and post it for your viewing enjoyment!

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