Wednesday, September 7, 2011

VINO anyone?

I am barely getting this blog post up after about a month.  Jimmy and I went to Santa Ynez and went wine tasting.  We visited 6 Vineyards in this order:  Gainey, Buttonwood, Bridlewood, Fess Parker, Firestone and Zaca Mesa.  The first 3 we have been to before and are our faves.  Buttonwood also has a peach orchard with the largest, yummiest and juciest peaches.  We stopped at Trader Joes in Westlake and packed a pic nic.  One thing I love about California is everywhere we went, THERE WAS A TRADER JOES, or a Gelsons, or a Bristol Farms, or a Whole Foods!  Our first stop was Gainey and they had a beautiful pic nic area overlooking the vineyard.  Firestone is a new fave, their tasting room and folks working are awesome.  The region has probably about 20 more wineries/tasting rooms that we could have visited.   Last Sunday we had Bridlewood's six barrell syrah.  SO GOOD. 

Fess Parkers

The lawn area outside of Fess Parker


taruna said...

its looking beautiful.... :)

taruna said...

nice.. :)