Friday, January 28, 2011

2011, so far

It is January 28th and 2011 seems to be flying by. Jimmy and I have been eating healthier and exercising in an effort to maximize our life expectancy and minimize our waistline. We are not getting any younger and it's just gonna get harder the older we get so might as well tackle it now. I am feeling like the blog needs a change. I am wondering how this blog got 17 followers. If I can get 17 followers by sharing the boring details of our life, perhaps I could get more followers with sharing something different. Any ideas? Could I make a living at blogging? That would be flipping sweet. What things interest me? Cooking, creating original recipes, travel, family, gardening, isn't that what everyone is into? I guess not. So, should the blog be transformed into something different? Your ideas will be given careful consideration. Please let me know that you're reading even. I am going to tweak some of the blogs that I follow as well.

PS- Please keep my Dad in your prayers, he is having his appendix out tomorrow.

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Charlotte said...

Blog about your adventures - including when you go on a walk and something interesting that you encounter. Or healthy recipes:)