Monday, November 22, 2010

50 Free Holiday cards from Shutterfly!

This is the first time I have ever tried this so here goes! Thank you Charlotte for the info! I am excited to get free cards but now the hard part is trying to decide which design is best. Unfortunately I won't be able to have all the kids together this year for a family portrait so I am going to have to get creative!

If you are a blogger and want to get in on the action, click here. I really like the card pictured here and I toyed with the idea of not doing cards at all. OR maybe doing New Years cards since I will get the opportunity to get all of the kids together for Christmas Eve.

Every card has to have a picture. Check out this link and pick out your favorites. There so many cool things to choose from and I am surprised that the prices are so reasonable! This card is pretty festive and I would be so torn on which pictures to choose. What do you think? Please drop a comment and let me know which design/direction I should do.

Now that I get free cards, not doing cards is not an option right?

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Charlotte said...

i just got my code the other day, so it works! :) Jeannette said you can actually write on the inside of the card (typed and printed by shutterfly!) she ordered 75 cards, 50 free and free shipping, so it was about $30 for some awesome cards! Happy thanksgiving!