Saturday, December 26, 2009

More of Tam and Pierre in town!

We had such a fun time with Tam, Pierre and Sebastian. After a long day in Flag, we stopped for dinner at one of our favorite places- Oregano's for dinner (we picked up Mark and took him with). We trekked down the mountain late (8pm). The next day, Tamara, Michelle and I went and got our nails and toes done. The boys watched the kids almost the entire day (thanks Pierre and Jimmy)! Tamara and I then headed out for some Christmas shopping! Then we hit Costco for our family dinner. The family collaborated on a fantisic dinner of New York Steaks, potatoes, salad, and lots of WINE! Sebastian and Callin hit it off and both LOVE trains. They watched Polar Express about a dozen times that day and played well together! Tam and Pierre, when are you moving to AZ? Jimmy asked them that and they quickly changed the subject. We sure do wish we lived closer though!

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