Wednesday, August 19, 2009

California Adventure- more vacation pics

Stock Car Racing!

Crazy Father/Son ponytail duo
Crazy white guy walking around with a full native american headress?????

Jimmy posing with a tractor

A crazy blue grass band

Turkey Stampede

loved the livestock

When I lived in Oxnard, I LOVED the Ventura County fair. I always told James about how cool it was so we decided to include that as part of our trip. We got to see turkey races (they put food in a remote controlled car and the turkeys chase it around a track), and pig races, lots of cool exhibits and even stock car races (James' favorite). The people watching was incredible also. We spent ALL day there and it got so cold after dark. The fair was awesome and I think Jimmy would love to go back!

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Norm, Florence, Alex, Marissa & Jace said...

Oh that ram is so cute! Looks like fun.