Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Aahhhh Flagstaff = Heaven!

James and I went up to Flagstaff mainly to beat the heat but we were also celebrating our anniversary and as a bonus got to hang out with Mark. Sunday we checked into Little America Hotel (we would definitely stay there again). We picked up Mark, went to Beaver Street Brewery and then decided to head up to Lowell Observatory. That was so cool, we got to look through a telescope that was built in 1894. We saw Saturn and saw the apparatus that discovered Pluto.
Monday morning, we rose bright and early (as usual) and took a 2 mile hike on a trail that is right on Little America's property. It was very cool and the crisp mountain air was so refreshing. We stumbled upon a prairie dog community and managed to capture one on film. Then we got ready, had breakfast and headed up to AZ Snowbowl to take the Ski lift high atop Mount Humphries. It was a fun ride up there and the views were amazing. After that James and I meandered through the woods and found a great spot for a nap. The wind in the pines and the fresh air made for a relaxing nap. We made our way back to Little America and relaxed some more before dinner. We got ready and went to one of my favorite places- Oregano's. There is also one here in the valley but I never get to go there. Then we headed back to Little America and took pics of the full moon.

Tuesday morning, we did the 2 mile trail again, got ready, packed up and picked up Mark and headed to Breakfast. After Breakfast we said farewell to Mark and decided to spend our last couple hours in flag drinking in the fresh air. We decided on a whim to head out to the Lava River Tube. Next time we will be prepared. It's a 3/4 mile cave and you need a flash light, which we didn't have. It was also REALLY cold in there- 35-40 degrees. We went in a little ways snapped a couple pics and headed back out. We want to go back with the kids and some flashlights! We found another great spot in the shade to park the truck and have a picnic. Everything was so perfect until it was time to go. James was trying to turn the truck around and ended up getting the rear wheels stuck in a ditch that we couldn't get out of. The truck had pretty much bottomed out and things weren't looking good. Thankfully, a couple in a truck were driving by and stopped. Me and the other two pushed and lifted the truck while James was 'driving' it out of the ditch. I am convinced that we couldn't have gotten out of the ditch without the other couples help.

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Shannon said...

That sounds like a PERFECT vacation/anniversary. I am so glad you guys got to relax--well deserved. Also glad the other couple helped rescue you, wouldnt want you stuck in the woods.